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Modern-day security threats come from multiple sources, and your customers need protection from them all. From endpoint security to network protection, we have you covered from vendors such as Acronis, Barracuda, Bitdefender, Microsoft and more. ​ 

Robust security for seamless operations

Security will always be a top challenge that your customers face. From managing operations, and monitoring security to keeping on top of new cyber threats and ensuring networks are running smoothly, the complex world of IT service delivery can feel overwhelming.

This is where the opportunity comes in to really stand out as an MSP.

In today’s competitive market, there is no short of MSPs selling Microsoft solutions, so its key to set yourself apart from the crowd. Accelerating your business into the lead requires creating indifference by offering something extra that goes beyond the Microsoft stack.

Our industry-leading Network and Security solutions and in-house experts are here to help you build a resilient business for your customers and help you secure that extra margin opportunity.

Robust Network & Security Solutions

Find the perfect balance of SaaS solutions

We’ll help you choose the best possible combination of Network & Security solutions, to ensure peak performance and total protection.

Our 5 essential categories cover everything you need:

Secure endpoints to protect customer devices

Strengthen email to shield against advanced threats

Safeguard systems with backup and disaster recovery

Secure internet browsing with web protection

Control access and security with identity management

Your stack unpacked: network and security needs explained

Need to know more about Network & Security solutions?

We’ve got the lowdown.

Endpoint security

Endpoint protection

Every device within your customer’s network is a potential entry point for cybercriminals. With robust protection tools, you can safeguard devices and maintain a secure business environment. Our endpoint security solutions strengthen access points, tackle vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorised access.

Email protection

Email is a primary target for cyberattacks. With the right tools, you can keep sensitive information confidential and reduce the risk of a breach. Our email security solutions defend against phishing attempts, malware, and other advanced threats, to keep your customers’ communication channels secure.

Email protection
Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery

Data loss can have catastrophic consequences for any business. Whether it’s accidental file deletion, hardware failure, or a full-scale disaster, these tools can rapidly restore business operations. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions bring peace of mind through regular, automated backups and swift recovery options.

Web and app protection

Heavy internet use exposes networks to a wide range of threats. These tools provide uninterrupted and secure internet use, so your customers can operate freely without fear of compromising online security. Our web protection solutions safeguard your clients’ networks from malicious websites, phishing attacks, and other web-based threats.

Web and app protection
Identity Management - Network and Security solutions

Identity management

Controlled user access is crucial to prevent unauthorised system entry and protect sensitive data. These tools give you full control over user identities, to strengthen security across customer networks and maintain control over who can access specific data. Our identity management solutions give you granular access controls, manage user permissions, and enforce strong authentication.

Build a custom stack tailored to your needs

Our solutions provide full network and security protection, so you can manage risks with ease and deliver superior services to your customers.

With years of experience, we understand your challenges, and can build a stack around your specific needs.

With the right solutions and our expert support, you can deliver outstanding services, beat the competition and take your business to new heights.

Network and Security solutions - Customise your security stack

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Industry experts

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Security review

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Vendor matching

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Build your skills

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