Broadcom Symantec

Innovative Endpoint and Email Security Solutions

What is Broadcom Symantec?

Elevate security across all your endpoint devices with Symantec’s advanced cyber security solutions. From protection against data breaches via email to endpoint security, Symantec offers an all-inclusive solution saving you and your customer’s costs whilst also providing the highest level of defence.

Why sell Broadcom Symantec

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Prevent the Worst-Case Scenario
Threat detection and corrections are a must-have, enjoy easy to manage analysis with a streamlined work process.
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Improve your Return on Investment
With a single agent and single cloud server, management has never been stronger or simpler.
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Innovation Encryption
Confront malware, ransomware, phishing, and other threats head-on and worry-free.

Products available in the solution

Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

  • Strengthen your SOC team with policy management lead by an intelligent and automatic AI.
  • Stealthy malware has become a thing of the past with advanced detection and response.
  • Traditional and mobile endpoint devices are all protected with Broadcom Symantec.
Broadcom Symantec Email


  • Defend users from credential and ransomware attacks with Email Threat Isolation.
  • Eliminate email attacks with Email’s rapid response and threat remediation.
  • Combat complex security threat techniques with the most comprehensive spear phishing defense, to lessen business threats through security awareness for unprotected users.

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