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We understand the pressures of keeping workforces connected; that’s why we offer solutions that foster a collaborative & productive workplace, from email to UCaaS. Support your customers with leading technology from vendors such as Microsoft, RingCentral, Exclaimer & more.

Seamless Communication; United Workforce

Businesses are seeking new ways to keep their workforce connected, no matter the distance. And they’re turning to MSPs, like you, for solutions.

As an MSP, it’s your job to keep up to speed with new communication technologies and help your customers implement the right tools

On top of that, you need to ensure these tools integrate seamlessly and securely with existing systems, and each other.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back – intY’s Connected Workforce team is here to help.

Our carefully selected vendors offer top-tier communication tools with unrivalled security.

Combined with specialist support, you can deliver the best possible communication services to your customers.

And in doing so – you’ll establish yourself as a trusted advisor – boosting your reputation and growing your business.

Connected workforce vendors

Build a truly connected workforce

We’ll help you combine the right Connected Workforce solutions, to ensure you deliver the best possible functionality and performance:

Effortless communication: All team communications and collaborations in one place.

Always connected: Reliable connectivity, wherever teams are.

Better customer service: Businesses can deliver faster, higher quality responses.

Peace of mind: Secure chats and shared files, protected from cyber threats.

Boosted productivity: Unified, user -friendly tools mean more gets done in less time.

Your stack unpacked: Connected Workforce explained

Need to know more about Connected Workforce solutions?

We’ve got the lowdown.

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UCaaS & CCaaS

Combine team communication and customer interactions, while communication tools and apps work in harmony. Our top-class vendors ensure everyone communicates with ease, whether that’s team members collaborating or businesses connecting with their customers.

Productivity tools

Boost work efficiency. Our carefully selected tools help track tasks, streamline workflows, and ensure projects are delivered on time. They cut down on manual processes and allow centralised planning, so teams can focus on delivering what matters.

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Connected Workforce pg pic - CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS

Connectivity solutions

Stay linked, always. Our ultra-reliable solutions ensure uninterrupted communication, keeping teams in sync, no matter where they are. This means less downtime, better access and flexible solutions for the management of your applications and internet infrastructure.


Optimise network performance. Our cutting-edge SD-WAN solutions make sure businesses stay online and run smoothly. They automatically choose the best way to connect, ensuring a steady and fast internet experience. 

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Our Connected Workforce Vendors

Connected Workforce pg pic - CUSTOM STACK

Build a custom stack tailored to your needs

Our solutions provide seamless communication and collaboration tools, so you can ensure consistent connectivity and deliver superior services to your customers.

We only work with MSPs, so we understand your challenges better than most and can build a stack around your specific needs.

With the right solutions and our expert support, you’ll deliver outstanding services, beat the competition and take your business to new heights.

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Industry experts

Industry experts

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Vendor matching

Vendor matching

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Build your skills

We can provide the knowledge and training your team needs to succeed.

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