What is Barracuda Sonian?

Sonian is a Cloud Archive software that stores incoming and outgoing emails in one place to make them easier to organise, find, and manage. You can import PST files from outlook, coupled with the promised 99.99% uptime, and it’s easy to see why Sonian has become the best tool for email archiving.

Why sell Barracuda Sonian?

Search Emails Effectively

Acquire just what you are looking for in seconds with rapid and precise search tools.

Strategically Secure Cloud

Archive every incoming and outgoing email paired with their file attachment in a secure and strategic cloud.

Seamless Business Tactics

Use relevant content, tags, and filters to provide effective and easy access to all business demands.

Sonian Cloud Archive Key Benefits

  • Reduce any and all risks by using Barracuda Sonian Cloud Archive to preserve your client's electronic communications.

  • Enhance your customers data management experience by providing rapid deployment with no extra infrastructure.

  • Uptime is improved to 99.99% to provide an adaptable and reliable archive solution for all email needs.

  • Help your customers comply with any regulations they may face when it comes to data retention. no matter the industry.

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