Microsoft Azure Consultancy

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Selling and deploying Azure can be complex.

This is why we have partnered with Elysian IT, a specialist in Azure professional services, to bolster our in-house capability.

intY ProServices is here to assist with scoping and deploying your customers’ IT infrastructure into Azure, as well as optimising and improving their already existing Azure estates.

Work with a leading team of Azure experts to enhance your offering and provide you with the confidence to deliver scalable, secure and governed Cloud solutions to your customers. Powered by Elysian IT, intY’s Azure ProServices delivers future-proof Azure projects.

Focus Areas of intY's Azure Consultancy

Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Strategy & Plan

For organisations that are yet to establish a footprint in Azure, utilising the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Strategy & Plan we will work with you to:

Design and develop your customers overall Cloud vision & strategy through consultations, discovery sessions and whiteboarding
Discover & assess your customers current workloads and IT infrastructure through platform discovery and readiness assessments
Provide application compatibility recommendations, monitoring recommendations and Azure service running costs

Align pre-existing services and requirements to Azure services, including Backup, Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions

Azure Well-Architected Framework Reviews

For organisations that have an established Azure footprint, but want to health-check and evaluate its posture against the Well-Architected Framework to reduce security threats, increase performance, reduce operational costs by assessing:

Security including identity management, route tables, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, network security groups, and Azure Firewalls

Reliability including resilience & high availability, single point of failure, storage tiers

Operational Excellence including architecture, governance, policies, resource hierarchy, naming conventions, virtual networks and internal connectivity

Monitoring & Alerting including Azure Monitor and alerts & Action Groups

Optimisation through operational cost reduction benefits

Azure Landing Zone Implementations

For organisations that have made the decision to initiate an Azure deployment, an Azure Landing Zone defines and deploys the foundational Azure services in an Azure Subscription before deploying, or even migrating your production workloads including:

Virtual Network & Networking Services including connectivity, routing, IP mapping, security

Identity Rules including single-sign-on (SSO), authentication rules and Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Governance including enforceable policies, compliant environments, subscription management

Security Controls including threat Detection, build-in protection and data security

Management including monitoring, resilience, automation and cost management

Azure Consultancy & Project Management

Azure Consultancy, Project Management & on-going support for bespoke engagements including (but is not limited to):
Design & build deployments to Azure (IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, DevOps & more)
Rearchitecting Azure deployments (IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, DevOps & more)
Application Consultancy & Application Audits
Delivering backup-as-a-Service (for example, on-premises back up to Azure for Disaster Recovery purposes)

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