Combat Next Gen Cyber Security Threats Reliably

Bitdefender is an industry-leading cyber security vendor, delivering best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response solutions worldwide. Powered by its depth of security expertise and the rapid pace of research and development, Bitdefender’s long-standing mission is to deliver transformative security technologies to users and organisations. They are innovators, creating breakthrough technology that radically improves your customer’s experience with security.

Why sell Bitdefender?

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Unified Security
A single MSP platform, GravityZone Cloud MSP Security, that automates tasks and reduces costs.
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Effective AI-Based Cybersecurity
Bitdefender routinely ranks 1st for prevention and detection in independent AV & EDR tests.
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Maximised remote work protection and profits
Bitdefender’s extensive integrations help MSPs to maximise remote work protection and profits.

As the threat landscape has become so complex and the number of attack vectors has grown significantly in hybrid work-from-home and work-from-office environments, MSPs are telling us they need to partner with experts to manage and deliver security to meet their customers’ expectations and properly protect them 24/7.

GravityZone Cloud Security for MSPs​

GravityZone Cloud MSP Security is Bitdefender’s cloud cybersecurity solution designed for MSPs. The multilayered security solution provides technologies such as threat prevention and detection, as well as attack prevention with machine learning and behavioural analysis.

With GravityZone Cloud MSP, you’re able to minimise security and operational overhead whilst maximising profits! The single platform allows you to manage security and provisioning for all customers with monthly usage-based licensing and provides both a core solution, and optional add-ons so you can create the right solution for your customers

GravityZone MSP Core

Built specifically for Cloud and Managed Service Providers, Bitdefender’s GravityZone MSP Core provides multiple Endpoint Security solutions including:

  • Ransomware Mitigation
  • Anti-exploit
  • Firewall and Network
  • Attack Defence
  • Behaviour Monitoring
  • Content and Device
  • Control
  • Risk Analysis
  • Web Protection
Bitdefender GravityZone MSP Core

GravityZone MSP Optional Add-on Products

There are also numerous add-on products to Bitdefender’s GravityZone offering that can help you build your managed service offering!

All managed from the same console, these include:

Introducing... Bitdefender security bundles!

Bitdefender have announced GravityZone Cloud MSP Security Protection Solutions, a way to create a more tailored security solution for your customers!The 3 security bundles of Secure, Secure Plus and Secure Extra all provide an unprecedented level of control, flexibility and scalability, all whilst offering you a customised security solution that is cost-effective, simply managed, and adaptable.

GravityZone Cloud MSP Security – Secure

GravityZone Cloud MSP Security – Secure Plus

GravityZone Cloud MSP Security – Secure Extra

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