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About Exclaimer Email Signatures

Exclaimer cloud provides centralised email signature management solutions, enabling organisations globally, of any size, to achieve brand consistency, legal compliance, and customer engagement on any device. Exclaimer’s cloud solutions for Microsoft 365 are used by over 45,000 companies worldwide in 150+ countries, making designing and managing your customer’s email signatures easy.

Exclaimer can help you drive new revenue opportunities and win more business, by generating higher adoption levels and improved return on your cloud deployments.

Who Benefits?

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No more manual updates

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Drive additional engagement

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Protection across every email


Exclaimer’s simple product offering of 1 product and 3 product plans makes selling much easier!

Providing a smoother upsell path, making it easier to match the right products to your customer’s needs and more straightforward positioning are just some of the many benefits of the new Exclaimer product plans.

With the 3 Exclaimer product plans of starter, standard and pro, there’s an plan for everyone!




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Email signature management made easy

Centrally design and control every email signature online with our cutting-edge signature creator.

With full, dynamic and professional email signatures when sent from any device – including mobile devices and Macs.

E.g. for different departments, individuals, and replies or forwards.

Pass control over to other departments (such as your marketing department).

Customer Thermometer for real-time feedback.

Capture instant feedback from customers, prospects and even employees through 1-click surveys in your corporate email signatures.

Ensure all corporate emails include an appropriate legal disclaimer in order to comply with key regulations throughout the world.

Simple to sell

Exclaimer Simple to Sell
  • Offer innovative and robust solutions that are simple to sell and setup.
  • Bundle Exclaimer email signature solutions with Microsoft 365 to provide your customers with a ‘sticky’ proposition that easily generates additional revenue.
  • Take advantage of our dedicated support teams.
  • Add promotional banners for events, company news or new content to drive engagement. You can also be confident that email branding will be consistent across every email, every time.

Discover Exclaimer's product changes

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