What is GoTo?

GoTo is a leading provider of flexible work technology, delivering remote IT and communication tools to businesses of all sizes.

GoTo  provides solutions to companies to help them connect, collaborate, secure their workforces and support their employees and customers.

Known for its high-quality communication, collaboration and support tools with tens of millions of active users, GoTo is a trusted choice for partners and customers alike

Benefits of selling GoTo as a Partner

By partnering with GoTo, you can provide your customers with a comprehensive package of solutions that will help them increase productivity and achieve better results. As a GoTo partner, you can differentiate yourself by offering high-quality solutions from a reputable and award-winning vendor.

Enhance your offer

Offer your customers trusted products that are globally recognized as reliable and secure.

Build your reputation

Provide your customers with GoTo’s high-quality communication and collaboration tools, backed by strong security and support, enhancing your reputation as a reliable supplier.

Sharpen your competitive edge

Access co-branded collateral, webinars, and training materials to effectively promote GoTo products and services.

Simplify sales, integration, and support

Get the expertise and support you need to deliver a seamless service to your customers.

Earn more

Flexible partner relationship models can provide your business with new and reliable revenue streams.

Why sell GoTo?

GoTo provides all-in-one communications and IT support solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses work better than ever

For customer use: Best for communication and collaboration, GoTo Connect is an all-in-one communications software solution on any device, offering the most robust, cost-effective tools for phone, meetings, and messaging to customers.

For partner use: Best for remote access and support, GoTo’s IT Service Management Solutions bring rapid IT problem-solving with an all-in-one IT support software. Remote access, ticketing through teams, remote monitoring, and visual engagement are all available as part of an uncomplicated toolset.

Product Overview

GoTo's IT Service Management Solution

GoTo’s IT Service Management Solution are refreshingly simple, all-in-one IT support solutions, fortified with zero trust security for unparalleled ease and peace of mind. GoTo’s IT service management solutions help MSPs respond, act and resolve issues – all in one place.

With products from GoTo Resolve to Central and Rescue, there are remote support solutions to fit any MSP!

  • Web-based and conversational ticketing for rapid problem-solving.

  • Security measures, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication.

  • Integration with professional services automation tools.

  • Patch management, customizable alerts, and mobile device support.

  • Features specifically designed for MSPs, such as subaccount management and reporting.

  • Communication with customers through messaging tools and remote access and support for devices.

  • Tools for automation and centralised control over user access and permissions.

  • Features for collaborating with other agents and gathering data on support sessions to improve efficiency.

GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is a simple, secure, and flexible cloud phone system   that helps businesses stay connected and collaborate, with calls, meetings and messages anywhere, on any device.

Features include:

Cloud VoIP:

  • Allows users to make and receive phone calls over the internet.

Video conferencing:

  • Provides professional-grade video conferencing capabilities for meetings with up to 250 participants and support for 25 webcams.

Team chat and collaboration:

  • Offers a platform for team members to communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Contact centre functionality:

  • Provides tools for managing customer interactions and support inquiries.

Customisation and call routing:

  • Allows users to customise their business phone system and set up schedules for routing calls to different locations or departments.

Analytics and reporting:

  • Provides insights into how employees are communicating and collaborating.

Integrations with other software:

  • Offers integration with other software solutions to improve the customer experience and streamline workflows.

Sell GoTo via our Agency Model

Get access to exclusive new revenue streams with ease.

By partnering with GoTo through our Agency model, you’ll gain access to its communication capabilities without having to deploy, bill or support them.

Earn monthly commissions while the vendor does all the hard work!

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