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Remember when email signatures were just digital business cards? They had your name, title and contact information, perhaps a company logo if you were feeling fancy. Those days are long gone – as email signatures have evolved into multifaceted Software as a Service (SaaS) tools.

The humble email signature now offers so much more. It’s become an operational efficiency tool, a marketing asset, and a silent but strong player in the game of brand communication. Now every email sent is no longer just a message – it’s an opportunity.

Every day, each of us sends and receives an average of 126 emails. That’s 126 chances to make an impression, extend the reach of a brand, and communicate more than just the content of the email itself. Yet, for many businesses, this channel remains untapped.

What are Email Signature Management tools?

Email Signature Management tools make the process of creating and managing professional, consistent, secure email signatures a breeze. They’re cloud-based, accessible from anywhere, and automated.

In the past, email signature tools have often been clunky and limited. They had to be installed on individual computers or servers, they required manual input, and offered limited design options. There was no consistency, no automation and no control. But as with all technology, evolution is inevitable.

The benefits of modern Email Signature Management tools are significant. For businesses, they enable brand consistency across all communications. But it’s not just about looking good. The software integrates seamlessly with popular email platforms like Office 365 and Google Workspace, ensuring that every email becomes a marketing moment.

For MSPs, this presents a golden business opportunity, because Email Signature Management delivers tangible value to both you and your customers. It replaces the common pain points of inconsistency, wasted resources, and legal compliance with ease and efficiency. And the sector is thriving – with the global electronic signature market valued at around $3.9 billion in 2022, and projected to grow to $43.14 billion by 2030.

Curious to learn more? Let’s take a deeper dive.

What are the benefits of using Email Signature Management tools?

Email signature solutions bring practical benefits for both users and businesses in their daily operations:

  1. Greater efficiency: Centralised control and standardisation removes the headache of manual signature creation, so businesses can claw back time and resources. Every team member will have an automatically updated, brand-consistent signature.
  2. Consistent, professional image: With every email showcasing a polished, uniform signature, branding gets amplified. It’s not just about aesthetics; credibility and trust are reinforced with every email sent.
  3. Marketing opportunities: Every email now becomes a marketing tool. With the ability to seamlessly integrate call-to-actions and promotional banners, businesses can highlight new offers, share upcoming events, or drive traffic to specific content. It’s a subtle yet effective way to engage recipients, without the hard sell.
  4. Flexibility and mobility: With remote access, employees can send professionally branded emails from anywhere, anytime. Email management SaaS tools are cloud-based, not tied to an office or specific device. This adaptability ensures the professional image of a business is maintained whether users work from home, the office, or across continents.
  5. Compliance made easy: In sectors where legal and regulatory compliance is key, email signature solutions can automatically include appropriate disclaimers and legal notes.

What are the key features of email signature software?

Email signature SaaS features are the gears and cogs that transform signatures from static footnotes to dynamic, interactive assets. Let’s explore some of the typical features of leading email signature management tools such as Exclaimer:

  • Banner campaigns: These enable you to discreetly promote your latest offer or content without the hard sell, being highly visible but unobtrusive.
  • Advanced targeting: Tailor your email signatures to specific audiences, to make every communication tightly focused and more effective.
  • Multiple campaigns: Schedule and rotate different banners for diverse campaigns, ensuring your email signature aligns with your ongoing marketing or seasonal promotions.
  • Centralised control: Manage and update all email signatures from one place, ensuring uniformity and brand cohesion.
  • Customisation: Tweak fonts, colours and layouts to ensure every email is a visual extension of your brand identity. Customisable fields help cater to the diverse needs of different departments and teams.
  • Responsive design: Adaptable email signatures look sharp and professional on all devices.
  • Automation: Ensure every email signature is current, with automated updates that align with the latest information and design.
  • Integration with email platforms: Seamlessly connect with popular platforms like Microsoft 365 and G-Suite.
  • Analytics and reporting: Gain insights into the performance of your email signatures, measuring their impact and optimising for better engagement and conversions.
  • ​​​Social media: Turn every email into a networking opportunity by easily adding social media links to signatures.

intY’s Spotlight on Exclaimer

Exclaimer is the market-leading email signature vendor, providing exceptional functionality in a highly secure, user-friendly platform. It helps organisations professionalise their brands and harness new marketing opportunities, removing the need to call on the IT department or specialist designers every time change is needed.

But why choose Exclaimer over its competitors? Here are some of the standout features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Microsoft Exchange – automatically syncing contact details with Azure Active Directory or Google Directory.
  • Suitable for both on-premises and hybrid environments.
  • Built for users of all abilities with its drag-and-drop editor. Updates can be delegated to marketing teams and employees can edit specific fields themselves.
  • Any signature element can be updated with changes applied instantly – no HTML skills required.
  • Offers functional features like one-click surveys, meeting links and legal disclaimers.
  • Highest possible levels of security with an ‘A’ rating from Security Scorecard.
  • A proven record of greater than 99.99% uptime.

How partners can benefit from selling Exclaimer

If you’re an MSP looking to broaden your offer, Exclaimer presents an easy win. As the market-leading vendor for central management of Office 365 signatures, and a Microsoft Gold Partner, it makes the perfect complement to your existing Microsoft stack. When bundled with 365, it provides a ‘sticky’ proposition to generate additional revenue.

Easy to bolt onto any mailbox, it also provides security, compliance and cutting-edge marketing tools, driving business efficiency, success and growth for you and your customers.

Exclaimer offers 3 tiers of product plan:

  • Starter: Enables consistent, centrally managed signatures for businesses who want to get their corporate email signatures under control.
  • Standard: Gives businesses greater control of their email signatures with additional features to supercharge engagement and gain fresh opportunities.
  • Pro: Unlocks the full potential of business emails with advanced tools as well as dedicated support for Exclaimer’s Customer Success team.

Want to know more about adding Exclaimer to your stack?

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