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Explore and tour Microsoft Compliance

Understand the key challenges SMB customers are facing today and how implementing compliance solutions from Microsoft can help.
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Explore and tour Microsoft Azure Backup & Azure Site Recovery in our 5 minute on-demand mini-series

Discover Microsoft Azure Backup & Azure site recovery, identify the partner opportunity and tips and tricks on how to deploy the solutions.
Introduction to 8x8 OnDemand Webinar

Azure Ascend Base Camp on Azure Migration (US)

The platform's integration with familiar Microsoft products, collaborative tools, and a robust ecosystem make it the ideal choice for customers looking for a streamlined and secure cloud environment.
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Microsoft Live Quarterly Updates: uncovering New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Tune into a comprehensive recap of the latest developments in NCE, Microsoft Azure and Modern Workplace from the past quarter.
Acronis Importance of Data Loss Prevention

Explore and tour Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in our 5-minute on-demand mini-series

Discover Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, its key features and capabilities
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Get AI-ready for Copilot with intY’s Lead Microsoft Consultant

Copilot - Partners and customers need to proactively prepare for implementation to guarantee success in its adoption.

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