Web Protection

Strong networks; Safe browsing

As an MSP you are dedicated to keeping your customers’ networks safe. But constant web-based threats, pose risks to customers’ data, safety, and business operations. And these web browsing originating breaches can occur so easily.

A visit to a malicious website or a click on the wrong link, could cause a malware infection that spreads through your customers network like wildfire. That’s why, as an MSP, you need to ensure you consider Web Protection.

With the right solution, you can guard your customers’ digital gateways and protect their businesses from attack.

intY’s best-of-breed vendors, block malicious websites, prevent malware infections, and enforce secure and controlled web browsing. At intY, we have all the tools, advice, and knowledge you need to defend your customers’ systems with confidence and stay ahead of emerging threats.

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Everything you need for Web Protection

Web Protection is not just an option – it’s a necessity. Help your customer take charge of their web environment and give them peace of mind.

With our solutions, you can:

Take control

See everything

Reduce risk

Browse with ease

Strengthen security

Web Protection explained

Looking for more information about Web Protection solutions, what they mean and what they offer?

We’ve got the lowdown:

Web protection WEB-FILTERING

Web URL Filtering

Web filtering solutions put you in control, with intelligent content management, so you can create a secure and focused browsing environment for your customers. Our top vendors enable you to put rules and guidelines in place to block harmful websites, inappropriate content and unproductive distractions.

Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

Web Application Firewalls act as a robust shield, monitoring incoming and outgoing web traffic. Our carefully selected WAF solutions identify and block malicious attacks, protecting your customers’ applications and sensitive data from being compromised.

Web protection WAF
Find the right security solution

Find the right solutions for your business

nsure which Web Protection solution is right for you, intY can help.

We want to ensure the highest quality network security for your customers, so you can deliver superior services with confidence, and build trust in your brand.

Talk to our team of experts – together we’ll work out your individual needs and find the solutions that best fit your business.

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We’re here to support you with all the guidance, tools and resources you need:

Industry experts

Industry experts

We provide advice and support for your specific needs.

Security review

Security review

We’ll evaluate and strengthen your network and security setup.

Vendor matching

Vendor matching

We’ll find the perfect vendor for your business and customers.

Build your skills

Build your skills

We can provide the knowledge and training your team needs to succeed.

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