Identity Management

Manage identities, Safeguard access

Your customers count on you to keep their digital world in order.

But as MSPs, you probably face a daily barrage of forgotten passwords and access requests, plus the constant nagging worry of data breaches.

And if things go wrong, there can be serious consequences for you and your customers – operations get disrupted, reputations can be damaged and trust can be lost.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

With the right software, you can turn access-request overwhelm into a streamlined, secure system.

intY’s Identity Management Solutions handle Password Management, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and user control.

Much more than just efficiency tools, they provide your customers with robust protection, controlled user access and data safety, while setting you up as a trusted security ally.

Meaning you can turn the challenge of user management into a strategic advantage for your business.

Unlock the benefits of Identity Management Solutions

A strong Identity Management Solution is like having a master key, CCTV and a door bouncer in one. You can control access with ease while reinforcing defences.

Here’s how Identity management solutions can help you:

Fewer lockouts

Efficient access

Reduce manual tasks

Centralise control

Peace of mind

Identity Management Solutions Explained

Want to learn more about Identity Management and how it works?

Here’s the lowdown:


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Think of MFA as a safety lock. It requires users to prove their identity in two or more ways, making it much harder for passwords to be stolen or compromised. Our selected MFA vendors use passwords, biometrics and on-time codes to provide the extra layers of security your customers need.

Password Management

Weak or reused passwords make users vulnerable. Password managers generate strong, unique passwords, safely stored in encrypted vaults. Our reputable vendor solutions increase employee password hygiene, company security posture and reduce the time required to perform password resets.

Password Management
User management

User Management

Imagine having a magic key that could open every lock in a building, but only you get to choose who can go in which room. Our trusted User Management Solutions give you that key. You’ll have centralised control and automation, so you can easily manage who has access to what, improving efficiency, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of user access errors.

Active Directories (AD)

Active Directories is essential for managing user access on Windows-based networks. It acts like a security control room, giving complete visibility of your environment. Our AD partners enable you to implement access control, group policies and auditing, so you can manage and monitor users efficiently, and strengthen system security.

Active Directories
Endpoint Security - CLOUD SECURITY

Find the right solutions for your business

Feeling lost in the maze of Identity Management vendors?

We can help.

Our expert team can help you choose the right solutions for your needs.

Together, we’ll build a secure IT environment, that simplifies user management, to help you deliver superior services with confidence.

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