Email Signature Management

Harness the power of emails

What is email signature management?

Email signature management is a solution that optimises and manages your company’s email signatures, all from a single dashboard. Containing written content, images, dynamic content,such as feedback options and social media links, and more, an email signature management solution can enable businesses to ignite the potential of every employee’s email signature at the touch of a button.

Why use email signature management?

Ignite the potential of every email signature!

Boost marketing efforts

Legal compliance

Boost brand awareness and consistency

Centralised Control

Increase professionalism

Why sell email signature management

Selling email signature management is a perfect way to add a sticky proposition that easily generates additional revenue!

  • Simple to sell and set up.
  • Bundle email signature solutions with Microsoft 365 to generate additional revenue
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Email signature management with Exclaimer

Exclaimer Cloud provides centralised email signature management solutions, enabling organisations globally of any size to achieve brand consistency, legal compliance, and customer engagement on any device. Exclaimer’s cloud solutions for Microsoft 365 are used by over 45,000 companies worldwide in 150+ countries, making designing and managing your customer’s’ email signatures easy.

Exclaimer can help you drive new revenue opportunities and win more business by generating higher adoption levels and improved returns on your cloud deployments… what’s not to like?

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