Take advantage of Microsoft’s Azure Credit Offer for your Azure opportunities

Microsoft have launched an initiative to help MSPs accelerate their Azure opportunities. This initiative is referred to as the Azure Credit Offer (ACO) and was designed to drive Microsoft Azure consumption within your existing customer base.

The ACO provides Azure credits, directly from Microsoft, to offset the price of Azure opportunities and help accelerate customer deals.

If you have a larger Azure opportunity worth over $5k ACR annually or more, why not benefit from a year’s worth of credit to help your customers grow.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, see the full details for Microsoft’s qualifying points and register below.

Qualifying Points

  • The ACO program is delivered by Microsoft and is a specific initiative between Microsoft and the end customer.
  • The customer must be a commercial US SMB/US customer (this offer is not available for non-profit, education or gov cloud customers)
  • The customer’s Microsoft billing account must be up to date (Tax ID, registration number, address details, etc.)
  • The customer must have accepted the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) terms and conditions (not available on legacy CSP)
  • The Partner must have signed Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA), have registered / added the customer account in Partner Center and formally established the Partner Center ‘Reseller Relationship’ with the customer. Details on this process can be found here.
  • The minimum qualifying deal size for this program is $5k. Deal size is calculated on estimated 12-month incremental ACR.
  • ACO received is calculated on a 10:1 basis. Estimated 12-month incremental ACR ÷ 10. Example: Est. ACR of $15k. ACO = $1,500
  • Partners are required to complete a PLSR Engagement form which is reviewed and approved by Microsoft.
  • Customers are required to sign the ACO agreement (PL-MCA amendment).
  • Microsoft will apply the Azure credit directly to the customer tenant. While credits are being consumed neither the partner nor the customer are charged.
  • Microsoft has the right to withdraw this promotion at any time. This ACO promotion is not affiliated with intY.

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