The future of coding is here: GitHub Copilot 

The AI pair programmer that assists developers with writing code

Microsoft’s acquisition of the code hosting platform, GitHub, and partnership with OpenAI solidified their intentions of expanding into the AI space.

As part of their partnership, Microsoft have full access to implement OpenAI’s cutting-edge models into their software and GitHub Copilot is one of the many upcoming products released using this technology.

Example of GitHub CoPilot recommending a code module based on user input code.
Example of GitHub CoPilot recommending a code module based on user input code. 

What is GitHub Copilot?

GitHub Copilot is an AI programming tool, with a repository of over one billion lines of code, designed to help you write code faster with less work. The AI is trained on this repository to be able to predict and recommend lines and whole functions of code based on what you’re writing.

GitHub Copilot X (or GitHub Copilot Chat) is a ChatGPT experience within GitHub Copilot that is currently in beta. GitHub Copilot allows you to use natural language and utilise Large Language Models (LLMs) to be able to ask human questions and requests around your code in a conversational manner.

Example of GitHub Copilot X
Example of GitHub Copilot X.

Important features include:

Plugs right into your code editor.

Turns Natural Language prompts into code.

Solve bugs and errors.

Speeds up test generation.

How does it work?

GitHub Copilot is designed to be used as an extension to pre-exist code-based editors such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and more. The full supported platforms and how you can implement it can be found here.

Github Copilot - HOW DOES IT WORK


GitHub Copilot is available in two plans: GitHub Copilot for Individuals and GitHub Copilot for Business.

Both plans include similar features, but the business plan has:

Industry-leading privacy

Simpler license management

Access to GitHub Copilot Chat

Organisational-wide Policy Management

Why should you be using it?

If you’re a partner that utilises code-editing software, then GitHub Copilot may be worth your consideration. It states that using GitHub Copilot helps code up to 55% faster, helping you be more productive and focus on more satisfying work. However, GitHub Copilot is not always accurate and should be reviewed and tested by the developer before deploying the code. Remember: it’s designed to assist developers rather than replace them.

If you want to learn more about GitHub Copilot, you can visit the Microsoft website , read their documentation, or watch the introductory video.

Copilot landing pg pic - TAKE OFF WITH COPILOT (2) (1)

Take off with Copilot

Staying up to date with new technology releases and trends is easier said than done with Microsoft! Having a strong partnership with a trusty distributor is a crucial asset to help keep you updated and on track with the latest.

intY is committed to helping MSPs not only make the most of their Microsoft relationship but also fully capitalise on opportunities that drive growth for their business as well.

As Copilot continues to roll out, we’ll continue to provide updates and assist partners and their customers in leveraging Copilot for their benefit.

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