Intelligent Performance Case Study

Driving Growth for Intelligent Performance

“We’ve grown dramatically over the last two to three years in particular, and no small part of that is the advancement in supporting power that we’ve got from intY.”

Steve Thompson, Founding Director, Intelligent Performance.


Based in West Sussex, Intelligent Performance was founded in 2004 and provides innovative solutions that help organisations drive digital transformation.

As a service-led business, Intelligent Performance builds relationships with its customers and provides tailor-made solutions for them. The passionate, 15-person team helps its customers work at optimal efficiency and future proof their businesses, so that the leaders can focus on the company and not have to worry about the IT.


Intelligent Performance wanted to accelerate the growth of its business and set an ambitious goal of targeting larger customers and therefore winning larger sales. However, the company lacked the in-house resources or expertise to achieve this objective.

One key area that had been identified to help with growth, was to create consolidated solutions for backup, antivirus and remote monitoring and management (RMM). These could then be sold as Intelligent Performance solutions – and not just a selection of individual components from different suppliers.


intY worked closely with Intelligent Performance, functioning as a trusted partner on the business. intY’s account management personnel worked closely with the Intelligent Performance team. They became active sales members, supporting them in a variety of sales activities, including joining in sales call with customers.

As a trusted partner, intY also contributed to the development of Intelligent Performance’s security and marketing strategies, helping to create a single, unified solution that could be sold to customers.

“The trust levels with intY go beyond that of a supplier, they’re a partner – and there’s no other way to describe that.”

Steve Thompson, Founding Director, Intelligent Performance.

intY’s expertise and industry knowledge also helped Intelligent Performance work with a range of leading vendors and solutions, including Microsoft Modern Workplace & Azure, Acronis, Barracuda, Bitdefender, LastPass, Exclaimer, and GoTo.


“We’re now in a position where we’re no longer a small fish in a big pond, we’re the king of that pond.”

Steve Thompson, Founding Director, Intelligent Performance.

One of the biggest and most immediate results from working with intY has been the new projects and contracts Intelligent Performance has won, including now working with multi-national businesses.

These new wins, as well as reorganising their services and streamlining suppliers with the one unified offering, have seen the business achieve 27% growth in the first year of working with intY. The plan is to achieve 80% growth over three years and Intelligent Performance feels that it is well on track to achieve that target.

“It’s like having a free sales department.”

Steve Thompson, Founding Director, Intelligent Performance.

With intY, Intelligent Performance has a trusted partner that has helped to shape the business and create new products and services, as well as help them expand on their relationships with their customers. intY has worked with Intelligent Performance to not only take new offerings to market, but by using its expertise of the market, identify and define the new offerings themselves.

intY has also helped to open new doors for Intelligent Performance and build new relationships for them. This includes with sales prospects and suppliers:

“When we needed to get support from Microsoft or Acronis we could actually go to intY and use the buying power they have to get the answers that we needed.”

Steve Thompson, Founding Director, Intelligent Performance.

Steve Thompson at Intelligent Performance is delighted in the results he has seen, so much so that when asked to support this case study he was torn. Part of him was happy to return the favour and support intY the way that it had supported his business, but another part of him felt that:

“[intY] are our secret and I don’t want to share this.”

Steve Thompson, Founding Director, Intelligent Performance.

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