Brand Standards

The brand standards are set to show the visual representation of the intY brand. Here you can download our Logo & font files and see our colour guide.


Our Brand colours

Our correct brand colours should be used on all internal and external documents. The primary colours to use are black, white & orange.

Red & grey are available for supporting accents where needed.

For further information on colour use or for the print colour codes, speak to the intY Designer. 

Our Brand Typography

Our Branded Font is Gotham. This can be used in various weights as shown in the image on the left. Gotham Black or bold is recommended for header text and Gotham Book or Light for body text.

Helvetica or Tahoma can be used as a web friendly font in place of Gotham when needed.

Brand Typography

Our Logo Guidelines

Our full colour Logo should always be used in an appropriate size and file type.

.png or JPEG are the recommended file types for most circumstances. Specific sizes or file types can be requested from our Designer or Brand Manager.

Do not edit or manipulate the logo in any way without prior permission from Marketing. Avoid using old versions of the logo by downloading the logo pack below.

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