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Partners face a continuously changing business environment in today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape. 

Disruptive technologies, new security threats and the complexities of modern IT systems are just a few of the challenges at play. With businesses moving to the cloud at an unprecedented pace, customers need a broad spectrum of services, from data storage to cybersecurity.

The cloud-computing explosion may seem daunting – but there is a silver lining. Exciting opportunities are on offer for partners, like the growth of the sector and the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At times like this, business success comes from knowing how to make these trends work for you. And Microsoft 365 (M365) Business Premium can be the perfect vehicle. 

M365 Business Premium keeps your business ahead of the game

As the cloud computing market continues to grow, so does the potential for partners to facilitate digital transformation and equip businesses for the future. Indeed, as the demand for managed security services rises, more and more businesses need professional expertise to navigate its complexities.  

A key strategy paying dividends for many partners is adding Microsoft 365 (M365) to their stack and becoming a pro at upselling. M365 Business Premium, in particular, can be the ace up your sleeve.  

How? Because it’s a comprehensive package, making it the ideal, one-stop choice for a wide range of business types. In addition, it enables you to upscale your offer and bring in greater profits. 

Why M365 Business Premium is best for your customers

There’s a clear reason M365 Business Premium is a standout solution in the busy SaaS marketplace – it’s more than just a digital toolkit. It’s a fully integrated package that combines Office’s productivity capabilities with advanced security and device management features.  

Collaboration through Microsoft Teams is a major customer benefit. In an increasingly remote and distributed work environment, effective teamwork can be tricky to manage. Teams’ unified platform is fantastic for disparate workforces as it enables team members to collaborate, share files and communicate seamlessly. 

Another tool that facilitates remote working is Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). It gives employees safe and secure access to the work environment, with full Windows access, whatever the location. With AVD, organisations can centralise their IT management, simplify software deployments, scale capacity up and down as needed, and ensure consistent user experiences across devices. 

A further must-have feature is its robust, enterprise-level security features. These include Microsoft Defender for endpoint security, Data Loss Prevention for sensitive information, and Azure Information Protection for documents and emails. The comprehensive coverage takes the pressure off security maintenance, enabling users to focus more resources on business operations and growth. 

Why M365 Business Premium has the best tools for MSPs

M365 Business Premium not only helps customers but also equips partners with the advanced security tools needed to keep cyber threats at bay. For example, it incorporates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which acts as an added layer of protection, making it far more difficult for cyber-attacks to penetrate.  

Conditional Access is another essential feature that allows you to customise the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of data access. You can define the conditions under which data can be accessed, bringing greater control and efficiency while ensuring access is only available to those who truly need it. 

Have you come across Microsoft Intune? It’s designed to help manage company data on employee-owned devices. In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, this is a valuable tool for maintaining security and control. 

In addition to all of this, M365 Business Premium offers a suite of solutions designed to reduce complexity and streamline processes. Features like Microsoft Endpoint Manager centralise management into one platform, simplifying the task of overseeing the IT infrastructure. 

For a full comparison of the routes for commercial licensing, see our breakdown here

The perks of going premium

When it comes to growing your business, upselling isn’t just a sales technique – it’s an opportunity to provide more value to your clients and bolster your bottom line for sustainable growth. You can upsell by offering your existing customers an upgrade to M365 Business Premium. Let’s break down the benefits. 

Firstly, upselling offers an opportunity to grow revenue through increased licence sales, high-value managed services, and value-added services like additional consulting, implementation, training, and support.  

Check out these services offered by our most successful partners:  

  • Adoption, change management, and training services to guide customers’ journey to the cloud and ensure they’re maximising the value of their purchases.  
  • Specialist services for security, GDPR compliance, teamwork, and modern devices. 
  • Extending the Microsoft 365 platform with specialised offerings, repeatable tools, and value-added IP.
  • Managed services covering a wide range of offerings, from security monitoring to full-scale technology-as-a-service solutions.

Secondly, it offers the potential for reduced management costs. Combining a range of tools and services into one integrated solution can save you and your customers time and resources, making both operations more efficient.

Finally, Microsoft rewards Solutions Designation and legacy Competency partners with exclusive Business Premium incentives. The incentive rates available to partners can be found here on the following pages of the FY23 Microsoft Commercial Partner Incentives Guide: 

  • Core – Modern Work Billed Revenue: 4% see pages 102 & 112
  • Global Strategic Product Accelerator: 5% see pages 104 and 107
  • Customer Add Accelerator – Modern Work: 15% see pages 63 

Please note: Partners must hold an active Legacy Silver or Gold Competency or one of the six Solution Partner Designations and be enrolled in the Microsoft Commerce Incentive programme to qualify. 

Taking advantage of these incentives brings an added bonus on top of the revenue growth potential from selling M365 Business Premium itself.

If you’re uncomfortable selling or lack experience, don’t worry. Because if you can articulate these benefits to your clients and show them how it can solve their pain points, upselling becomes a natural conversation rather than a forced sales pitch.

Need support? Take advantage of intY’s resources and expertise

As you embark on your journey of upselling M365 Business Premium, remember you’re not going it alone. intY’s team of experts is here to support you with all the support you need. 

We’ve got a range of resources on offer, tailored to help you upsell effectively. If you want to start with M365 Business Premium, our blog on how to effectively upsell Microsoft 365 products is for you.

If you’re a visual learner, we’ve got you covered with our webinars. Our +One Upsell Webinar is an unmissable resource for training and building managed security services. We also have sales sheets to improve your knowledge and sales sheets you can use as handouts when pitching to clients. 

But we don’t just offer videos and guides. If you have queries or want to talk things through, our Modern Workplace Practice is just a call away. With deep expertise in the M365 product suite, our experts can offer insights that are tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. We’re always on hand to advise and help you navigate any obstacles in your way. 

Unleash your potential: empowering partner success with M365 Business Premium

As we wrap up our exploration of the incredible benefits and opportunities that come with selling M365 Business Premium, it’s clear that it has the potential to be a game-changer for any partners business.

Not only does this one solution equip you with all the essential tools and capabilities for the evolving needs of customers, its advanced security features, seamless collaboration, and management tools mean it’s a powerhouse solution like no other.

By embracing M365 Business Premium, you can position yourself as a trusted advisor, offering unbeatable value to your clients. The benefits are undeniable from enhancing security and expanding your service offerings to reducing management costs.

The managed server provider sector is set to thrive in the future. With the global market for IT-managed services projected to experience remarkable growth, you can lead the charge. And by staying ahead of advances in technology, anticipating customer needs, and leveraging solutions like M365 Business Premium, you can navigate this evolving landscape and secure your future.

So, seize the moment to unlock the true potential of your business. Connect with our dedicated Modern Workplace Practice today to start a journey that will shape your success in the dynamic partner landscape of tomorrow.

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