Why Exclaimer makes an essential addition to your Microsoft stack  

In the modern workplace, email is our primary form of communication. This means email signatures carry more weight than ever – not just in providing contact details, but through brand recognition and content marketing.

Hybrid working means that email remains the dominant form of corporate communication. Even with the dawn of instant messaging apps like Teams, individuals send and receive on average 126 corporate emails daily, internally and externally. And email isn’t only seen by the primary recipient – be it colleague, supplier, partner or prospect – emails are frequently forwarded to their connections too.

Most people overlook the potential of marketing to this audience via email signatures. Rather than seeing signatures as just modern-day, digital business cards, we could harness them as marketing channels. They present a unique opportunity to send key messages to people with whom you already have a trusted relationship.

Exclaimer email signature software facilitates this opportunity like no other solution. It not only enables users to easily create and change slick-looking, branded signatures at scale, but has the facility to add marketing assets in the form of promotional banners, advertising slogans, social links and tailored content.

The problem with traditional methods of email signature creation

IT professionals have long struggled to find effective methods of creating and updating email signatures. Traditional signature management methods are time consuming and tedious, and the added complexity of remote working has exacerbated this problem.

On the other hand, letting workers loose on designing and controlling their own signatures leads to unwitting errors and a lack of brand consistency. Problems which have to be resolved by the IT department.

Traditional email signature challenges:

  • Images getting stripped out by certain email clients
  • Not being able to test signature templates before they go live
  • Signatures stacking at the bottom of email conversations
  • Complex rules needing to be created so signatures are applied correctly
  • HTML email signatures not functioning on mobile devices
  • Blank spaces appearing in some users’ contact details

Why use Exclaimer Email Signature Management?

Exclaimer removes all of these problems and makes designing and managing email signatures simple. It’s used by over 45,000 companies globally, harnessing cutting-edge technology to design and control professional email signatures for entire organisations.

Its ease of use means non-technical teams can manage signatures without getting IT professionals involved, and it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365.

Key benefits:

  • Central management – professional email signatures with template library
  • Drag and drop designer – anyone can easily design, edit and manage signatures while adhering to brand guidelines, without having to know HTML.
  • Audience targeting – specific audiences can be targeted with tailored signature templates.
  • Improved configuration – easily configure email signature behaviours including assignment, reply signature function and scheduling.
  • Essential features – create promotional banners, social media icons, email disclaimers, user details and headshot photos
  • Accuracy – contact information comes from the user directory, ensuring accurate details.
  • Compliance – Exclaimer automatically complies with email legislation.

Exclaimer is fully secure

Exclaimer offers users the highest possible levels of security. It’s conscientious about managing sensitive information, which is backed up by resilient security and robust infrastructure powered by Microsoft Azure. It’s GDPR compliant and has an ‘A’ rating from Security Scorecard, making it one of the most secure cloud-based solutions available.

How partners can benefit from selling Exclaimer

Exclaimer presents an easy win for partners looking for a new addition to their Microsoft offering. As the premier software for central management of Office 365 signatures, it’s the perfect complement to any Microsoft reseller’s stack. Exclaimer can be bundled with 365 to provide a ‘sticky’ proposition that easily brings in additional revenue.

Exclaimer is brilliant for your customers, providing a seamless, automatic signature system that creates uniformity across their business and enables the use of signatures as a marketing channel. Through Signature Marketing Cloud it will also provide your customers with actionable insights and more opportunities to connect with customers, driving success and growth.

Exclaimer’s two-tier product plans include Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud and Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud. Add-on features are also available through Power Ups to enhance the basic products, taking your customers’ email signatures to the next level.

Exclaimer is also a Microsoft Gold Partner, making them the perfect fit for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange with solutions that work across the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Want to find out more?

If you want to know more about adding Exclaimer to your stack, contact your intY Account Manger for more information!

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