How intY’s Azure Professional Services are helping partners thrive

Microsoft’s comprehensive public cloud platform, Azure, is fast becoming the go-to digital service provider for organisations across the world. With over 200 products and services helping MSPs support every element of their customers’ organisations, Azure presents a solid proposition for partners looking to create lasting, scalable businesses.

However, while Azure’s vast offering gives MSPs all the necessary tools to build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds, on premises and at the edge, its complexity can also be daunting, and gaps in technical knowledge can be a barrier to progress.

This is where specialist support comes in. We want all our partners to know that you don’t need to be an expert in every technical element of Azure. In fact, you can run an efficient, effective Azure practice, as long as you have access to specialist consultants when you need them.

What are intY’s Azure Professional Services?

At intY, we know that our partners often come up against obstacles when using Azure, and require additional technical expertise to fulfil specific customer needs. But we also know how lucrative a full Azure practice can be.

So, we developed our Azure Professional Services offer to remove barriers to success, providing you with readily accessible specialist input, and freeing you up to focus on other elements of your business.

Azure Professional Services delivers governance, security, and configuration for all Azure projects, regardless of size or scope.

3 key benefits to having a professional services partner:

  • Increasing capacity
    If customer needs are beyond the scope of what you can fulfil with your own, internal resources, we can help. By collaborating with a professional services partner, you can increase capacity to meet demand, rather than turning away business. Outsourcing in this way means you can scale your business without having to recruit more staff or divert time and attention away from your core activities.
  • Access to specialist expertise
    Even if you’re an expert in a particular area of Azure, access to professional services means you can still benefit from delivering solutions in those areas in which you don’t feel as accomplished. By using professional services in this way, your business is freed from being restricted to in-house skillsets, broadening your scope and expanding your current infrastructure.
  • New opportunities
    Azure professional services can reveal opportunities you may not have previously been aware of, teaching you more about Azure’s capabilities. You’ll have access to a knowledgeable team of individuals who work closely with Azure every day, so you can upskill, realise Azure’s full potential and help more customers in new ways. Further growth opportunities can be realised by employing professional services to act as an extension of your own quant or development team, filling in gaps where needed.

Which areas can Azure Professional Services help with?

intY’s Azure Professional Services is facilitated by our partners Elysian IT, who are Azure powerhouses, able to support and deliver on a vast array of technical projects.

The focus areas for APS include:

  • Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Strategy & Plan
    This option is for organisations that are yet to establish a footprint in Azure. The Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Strategy & Plan provides the necessary foundations for starter projects.
  • Azure Well-Architected Framework Reviews
    This option is for organisations that already have an established Azure footprint, but want to health-check and evaluate it against the Well-Architected Framework, so they can reduce security threats, increase performance and reduce operational costs.
  • Azure Landing Zone Implementations
    This option is for organisations who have made the decision to initiate an Azure deployment. An Azure Landing Zone defines the foundational Azure services before deploying or migrating production workloads.
  • Azure Consultancy & Project Management
    This option provides Azure consultancy, project management & on-going support for bespoke engagements.

Further details on all the above areas can be found here

Why Azure Professional Services is essential to growing your business

Azure is large, complex and can sometimes feel daunting. Therefore, specialist input is the key to running your operations smoothly and growing your business effectively.

And intY’s professional services make Azure effortless. With the right support for your technical projects, you’ll be able to deliver the whole Azure package to customers, save time and resources to maximise profitability, and enable your business to grow well beyond the limits of your in-house knowledge.

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