Enhancing Your Email Security Offering with Barracuda's Total Email Protection

In the global fight against cybercrime and malware, email is the number one attack vector experienced by businesses all over the world. Ransomware, phishing, social engineering and password hacks all have the potential to cripple your customers’ organisation, and attacks are on the rise year on year.

Barracuda’s Total Email Protection service allows MSPs to offer a secure, reliable method of safeguarding their clients’ inboxes with multi-layered threat protection that includes the latest innovations in gateway cyber security.

Key features

Email gateway protection
Centrally managed cloud-based protection against all known forms of email intrusion attacks.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Backup and recovery for cloud-based collaboration and email platforms including Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.

API-based Inbox Security
Instant access to major commercial software platforms such as Microsoft 365 with automatic messaging quarantine, AI-led intrusion detection and an intuitive setup process.

Email Continuity and Failover Services
Instant failover to an independent cloud-based email server that keeps your clients’ organisation running.

Email Forensics and Detailed Incident Response Protocols
‘One-click’ threat reporting via a mail client add-on that features a comprehensive search facility to sift through email traffic for malicious communication.

Cloud Archiving
Harness the power of cloud-based backups by archiving emails directly from a mail client to a secure offsite storage location.

Global Threat Detection Service

Barracuda Total Email Protection for MSP is powered by email threat data from over 200,000 companies across the globe.

The platform is constantly evolving. Barracuda’s ground-breaking gateway protection service relies on industry-leading AI and machine learning platforms to collect email, network and application intrusion data to ensure that the service is improving its threat protection protocols, alongside global developments in email and malware security trends.

Automated Incident Response

How you respond to major incidents as an MSP is quite often the deciding factor in maintain your clients’ trust and winning new business.

Barracuda Total Email Protection removes the hassle of ensuring your support teams act quickly and effectively following an intrusion by automating your response procedures from within the Barracuda management console.

The platform removes malicious emails and files from user inboxes the moment they get identified and give your clients peace of mind that their data is in safe hands.

Backup & Business Continuity

Barracuda Total Email Protection for MSP represents a huge leap forward in the provision of email-based security and cloud backup services.

In today’s interconnected world, business continuity is king. Your clients will benefit from a comprehensive cloud backup of their incoming and outgoing email traffic, that they will be able to rely upon should the worst happen, and a successful intrusion occurs.

More and more businesses are making the switch to cloud-based email services. Barracuda Total Email Protection offers MSPs and their clients a simplified yet granular method of backing up emails directly from major email services such as Exchange Online, with the ability to instantly restore emails either cloud-to-cloud, or locally as standalone files, direct from within an intuitive central administration console.

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