Public Sector Offer availability in Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE)

As of 1st August 2024 (previously targeted for 1st May 2024), legacy offers will no longer be available to purchase on CSP if an equivalent is available in NCE.

No earlier than 1st September (previously targeted for 1st July 2024) Microsoft will begin the Microsoft-led auto migration of legacy offers to NCE.

And from 1st March 2024 (previously 31st December 2024), any associated incentives will end for legacy offers.

Microsoft non-profit NCE promotion* offers a 16.7% discount on Microsoft Business Standard, Business Premium and E3/E5 licenses to new customers and customers upgrading to a more premium product or legacy CSP customers renewing in NCE monthly commitment terms.

*Promotion ends December 2024.

View the full Microsoft announcement here.

Please contact your account manager for more information on these changes or to access the promotion.

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