Transforming real-time collaboration and communication

What is Zoom?

A leader in modern enterprise video communication, Zoom is an easy, reliable, and innovative UCaaS cloud platform connecting teams virtually.

Zoom provides video, phone and chat functionalities through their cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform, with common uses bring teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education and social relations.

Why Sell Zoom?

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Zoom is frictionless – simple to buy, deploy, manage, use and scale.
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Affordable service with predictable subscription pricing and straightforward licensing.
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A video-first unified communications platform with 300+ new features and enhancements each year.
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Ability to work on any platform, software, and hardware you want which means happier users, IT and leadership.

Products and features

Zoom, a leader in meeting solutions offers effortless, efficient, and easy to use products for unified communication and collaboration needs.

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Phone

Zoom Rooms

Zoom One

Fully enable the hybrid workforce with Zoom

Increased Productivity with Zoom Integrations

There are over 1,000 integration apps offering functionalities in over 26 categories meaning less jumping between platforms and more efficient working.


Micrsoft Teams Integration

Making video meetings frictionless, the Microsoft Teams Integration enables users to start and join meetings as well as make Zoom Phone calls through the Teams app.

Salesforce Integration

Meetings can be scheduled and started within Salesforce, enabling users to instantly set up and view Zoom meetings with their leads.


Hubspot Integration

Easily manage your contacts with features including viewing Zoom recordings directly on the contact timeline to automatically creating workflows to manage Zoom Webinar attendees, the integration works all around.

Sell Zoom via our Agency Model

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By partnering with Zoom via our Agency Model, you gain UCaaS capabilities without having to deploy, bill, or support it.

Get to earn monthly commissions whilst the vendor does all the hard work – what’s not to like!

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