Enabling workforce to connect and collaborate anywhere

Zebra Workforce Connect enables workforces to connect and collaborate anywhere with superior Wi-Fi and cellular communications. Workforce Connect’s Instant Voice Chat capability, enterprise class messaging and location-based tracking services all enable smarter decisions and increased productivity within businesses.

Zebra provides:

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Financial benefits
To boost profitability
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Relationship benefits
To help you collaborate effectively
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Sales and marketing benefits
To help you go to market more quickly and efficiently
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Technical benefits
To deliver the insights and expertise needed to build strategies, develop solutions and support customers

Introducing Zebra Workforce Connect

Benefits and features of Workforce Connect

Secotor-specific solutions

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In retail

Zebra WFC gives retail employees access to free-flowing information, brings more opportunities for critical thinking and allows open exchange between employees across multiple locations. Work is shifted from transactional tasks to high-quality interactions, improving customer service and sales volume in the long term.

In manufacturing

Decentralised work in manufacturing, transport and logistics can make it difficult to track the location of employees and systems in real time. However, access to real-time data is critical for process optimisation. Zebra WFC’s central platform improves the visibility of work processes and locations. Automated security measures warn of possible problems in good time, increasing productivity and raising service to a new level. Open exchange across locations and departments improves collaboration in the warehouse and in the field.
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In healthcare

A central, networked communication platform enables information to be easily transmitted or found quickly across multiple locations, freeing up time and resources to focus on patient care.

Digital geo-location means colleagues are always within easy reach and experts can seamlessly collaborate. Zebra’s experts can also advise on suitable hardware.

Customer benefits

Zebra WFC is made for modern organisations who operate across wide geographic locations or campuses. It fills problematic communication gaps, enabling easy information-sharing and improving productivity. All in a quick, seamless and user-friendly manner.

WFC allows organisations to provide workers with a single device, reducing the cost of mobility. The ability to integrate separate voice and data workflows reduces the number of steps required to complete a task. Fully configurable, WFC can easily add features to meet new business needs as they arise.

WFC empowers workers with one multi-functional mobile computer that does it all:

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