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What is Vaioni?

Vaioni is a connectivity specialist, delivering competitive and feature-rich connectivity to over 350,000 postcodes across more than 100 cities and towns throughout the UK.

Vaioni has one of the biggest and most powerful ethernet platforms in the UK. It owns and operates “VEN” – a carrier-grade national ethernet network, providing over 95% coverage across the UK.

The only provider that integrates with 12 major UK ethernet operators, Vaioni brings resilient, super-fast coverage while offering partners the widest range of choices over access speed, technologies and carriers. Trusted by thousands of UK businesses and built by expert engineers, Vaioni delivers reliability and resilience.

Vaioni overview

Whether you’re starting your business or are an established MSP, it’s vital to get the right connectivity solutions to ensure you and your customers can operate efficiently and scale at pace.

Vaioni range meets all types of needs with either single products or a combination of options in a bespoke WAN solution.

The Vaioni Ethernet Network (VEN) connects the UK’s major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow and Edinburgh to deliver competitive and feature-rich connectivity (with lines up to 10Gb) to over 350,000 postcodes across more than 100 cities and towns throughout the UK.

Services include:

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Leased lines
A dedicated internet connection used solely by your customer, to carry all business-critical operations. A leased line provides reliable and symmetrical upload/download speed and consistent bandwidth, even at peak times.
Business broadband
A low-cost option for businesses who don’t rely on the internet for key operations or need support for their existing connection.
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Receive instant, fast connectivity. Harness all available carriers as primary connections with simple, plug-in-and-play SIM card functionality.
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Wide Area Network (WAN)
Vaoini MPLS-based WAN connects all sites in one high-performance, cost-effective network, for both office-based and remote workers.

Benefits of selling Vaioni

As a Vaioni partner, you’ll be provided with powerful connectivity backed by the support and guidance you need to deliver effective solutions to customers and forge long-lasting commercial relationships.

Vaoini partner portal is one of the most advanced in the sector. Its team provide support with sales and can consult on your solution strategies, helping your business grow.

Easy to work with


Fast time to market

Resilient and reliable

Partner service features include:

  • Access to 5 major ethernet technologies.
    On-net access to more than 350,000 postcodes across over 210 exchanges on the Vaioni network – “VEN”
  • Access to 12 UK carriers and over 100 international operators, across 230 countries.
  • 100% uptime Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with 1 day’s credit for each hour of downtime.
  • Reseller protection with a 30-day cancellation guarantee & liquidation policy.
  • 24/7 engineer support.
Vaioni Partner service features benefits

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By partnering with Vaioni Wholesale via our Agency Model, you gain ethernet capabilities without having to deploy, bill, or support it.

Get to earn monthly commissions whilst the vendor does all the hard work – what’s not to like!

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