Nimble is a smart, cost-effective, cloud-based CRM that automatically builds and updates itself, from anywhere on the web. It integrates neatly with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and social media networks, making relationship management easy.

Plus through intY, you can partner with Nimble and enjoy a 10% discount*

Benefits of selling Nimble as our Partner:

Nimble can be sold on top of your existing core products and services. It’s infinitely scalable and integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Easily purchased through Azure Marketplace

Grows your Microsoft practice and monthly revenue

Fills the Microsoft gap of an SMB CRM

Drives implementation & managed services

Why sell Nimble?

Why sell Nimble?

Nimble helps your customers build stronger relationships with their existing clients and new prospects.

It syncs with 250+ business apps, centralising data for enhanced insights.

Combining contacts, communication history, emails and calendars, Nimble’s unique sales and marketing features streamline processes to help your customers grow.

Nimble unifies communications across all teams, bringing transparency, greater control and revealing new opportunities.

Nimble provides:

Nimble provides:

  • Simple sales and marketing automation
  • Social business insights on people and companies
  • Native web browser app for data insights and workflow management
  • Individual and group message templates with open & click tracking analytics
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Sales pipeline management and reporting

Key features of Nimble:

  • Intuitive Relationship Dashboard allows users to scan their sales pipeline, tasks and social signals, and track priorities to build relationships strategically.

  • Pipeline Management and Reporting automatically ties together tasks, events, and communications. Deal forecasting and pipeline analytics supercharge sales teams. Historical/projected revenue brings financial insights.

  • Smarter Prospecting the Smart Contacts browser extension delivers business insights on people and companies to help users prospect more effectively. It automatically displays up-to-date contact and company details, communication histories and more.

  • Social and Professional Insights enrich contacts’ information with enhanced details and complete social profiles. Al pulls verified contact information and parses email signatures, so teams can qualify prospects quickly.

  • Group Email Marketing, Tracking, and Analytics Group Messaging enables users to send personalised, trackable emails to targeted contacts based on tagged groups or segments. Success can be tracked with complete analytics and reporting.

  • Nimble in Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics customers can easily access enriched Office 365 contact profiles within Dynamics, as well as access enhanced profiles of Dynamics contacts in Office 365.

Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

  • Easy-to-use with unique social sales and marketing features.
  • Affordable CRM that brings tangible improvements
  • Can be used from within the applications and websites you currently work in.
  • Automation and Al automatically build, enhance and update the CRM database with actionable information and social insights.
  • Tracks personalised communications at scale.

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New Nimble Customers qualify for 10% discount off the RRP listed in Microsoft AppSource  

This discount is available to intY partners and can be removed at any time. 

Standard Microsoft Marketplace and Azure Billing Terms apply.

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