"Masergy was SASE before SASE became a thing"

What is Masergy?

A great fit for mid-large organisations, Masergy brings the highest-quality expertise in cloud application performance. Its managed solutions support regional and global networks in the financial, healthcare, manufacturing and professional services sectors.

Benefits of selling Masergy as our Partner

Contact Center
Converge security and network
With an all-in-one cloud strategy
Bundle M365 offerings
With Masergy calling (seamless voice calling for Teams with built-in security in 25 countries).
Cisco-powered UCaaS/CCaaS
Embedded into SD-WAN for guaranteed high performance.
Fully managed services
Evolve gradually into a fully managed service by starting with an active role in WAN.
Comprehensive managed security solutions
With detection and response capabilities for cloud and on-prem.

Masergy provides:

Products and Services

Masergy SASE Service

SASE Service

Masergy integrates market-leading cybersecurity technologies with its secure edge network. It prides itself on meeting the key tenets of Gartner’s SASE model to tightly bind networking and security, delivering at the highest level.

Its SASE architecture has one transparent ecosystem where all capabilities share a common infrastructure for operations and transparency.

Features of Masergy SASE:

  • Global SD-network integrated with best-of-breed cybersecurity technologies
  • Hybrid next-gen firewalls and secure web gateway solutions
  • CASB solutions + identity-based WAN analytics
  • Managed security capabilities that go beyond SASE
  • SASE + AIOps: SASE with a virtual network assistant
Masergy SD-WAN Service

SD-WAN Service

Masergy offers a mix-and-match service across a range of access types, directly connecting to top cloud services and applications. On top of this, it layers firewalls and 3 tiers of security services.

Masergy’s SD-WAN solutions can be deployed anywhere, with network, security and services managed or co-managed through one portal.

SD-WAN managed options:

  • Fully managed global services with 3 NOCs and SOCs on 3 continents
  • Co-managed services with the option to retain control over specific elements
  • Over The Top (OTT) – an internet-only, low-cost approach for data transport

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By partnering with Masergy through our Agency model, you’ll gain access to SD-WAN and SASE capabilities without having to deploy, bill or support them.

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